UpRooted Story

UpRooted Productions was created as a way for clients to create lasting memories that will be professional and affordable. Whether it's a family reunion or a crowd funding video for a business, UpRooted seeks to help its customers plant roots no matter where the wind takes them.

Our major project is a full-length documentary called Silent Soldiers. It is about the developmental impact of growing up in a military family. From frequent relocation to deployment to settling into a life post-military, the documentary follows 4 families and uses the research from notable authors and scholars.

UpRooted was founded by Beth Adams in 2017. Beth grew up in a military family that moved frequently (about every 1-3 years). In the last 24 years she has moved 15 times. The constant movement can make it difficult to establish roots anywhere, but she always found enjoyment and stability in creating videos wherever she went. Beth found that the key to having roots was to cherish the memories she took from each place.

After finishing her undergraduate degree in Mass Communication at Purdue University, Beth attended Royal Holloway, University of London in Surrey, England. She completed a Masters in International Television Industries.

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Take a look at some examples of videos produced by Beth over the years.