April Blog: Military Brat Appreciation Month

Dandelion you’re like me
Set adrift to ride the breeze
Drifting here and settling there
To grow as if you have no care
Only those like you will know
The sudden rush to rise and go
On any current you will flow
On any weathered wind you’ll blow
In any sea, on any tide
On any ground, you will abide
And you never do decide
Just where you’ll go, or how you’ll ride
Around the world, among all kinds
Flying with no tie that binds
Always leaving friends behind
Trying not to show you mind
Dandelion I’m like you!
Of my future, I’ve no clue!
I put down roots that have no glue
So I’ll move to somewhere new.

Patti Neal Cadwallader 2009


What a beautiful depiction of what it means to be a military “brat”. We did not ask to be put into the life, but we serve just the same. Giving our lives for a cause that is greater than ourselves during the most challenging developmental years of our lives. While most children come out with wonderful stories, a stronger and more resilient disposition, there are plenty of challenges they must also face. Frequent loss of friendships, forming their identity, changing schools, deployments, and sometimes, PTSD or even the death of a loved one. This month, I want to explore what it means to be a “brat” and why there is an entire month devoted to them.

I want children out there to know that they are not alone, and that there are plenty of people who understand and truly appreciate your service to the country. You were not asked to be in the military, but here you are.

On Tuesdays we will explore a new aspect of “brat” life and on Thursdays we will hear from the brats themselves.

I encourage you to interact and become engaged in the conversation. Share your story and learn from others. Thank you for your support. And Happy Military Child Appreciation Month!

Check out the short documentary, Silent Soldiers!

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