Documentary Trailer

Silent Soldiers: Southern Doc Fund Convening

This trailer was made for the documentary pitch at the SDF Convention in June, 2018. UpRooted will be pitching the documentary in hopes of gaining more support for the project.


Promotional Video

MAESTRO Lab, Texas A&M University

This is a promotional video highlighting the research done by faculty and students in the MAESTRO Laboratory, headed by Dr. Darren Hartl. The lab is within the Aeronautical Engineering department at Texas A&M University. They are working on new ways to improve commercial and space flight using shape memory alloy (SMA) materials.


Promotional Video

Beginnings Gala 2018

Beginnings is a non-profit that helps parents learn how to best understand and utilize the resources they have for their hard-of-hearing and deaf children. Each year they host a gala in Raleigh to raise money for the organization. This year they raised $57,000! UpRooted was honored to capture the evening for them.


Promotional Video

Sheppard Officer Spouse's Club

This is a promotional video for the Sheppard OSC. They bring together the military spouse community through fundraisers for different charities.


Promotional Video

Dr. Moble Benedict,        Texas A&M

This is a promotional video highlighting the research being conducted by Dr. Moble Benedict and his students at Texas A&M University in the Vertical Flight Laboratory as part of the Aerospace Engineering department. His focus is on MAV and UAV technology. Specifically, he is working with cyclorotor and flapping wing aerial vehicles.


Graduation Video

Sheppard AFB

This graduation video was created for the Undergraduate Pilot Training class at Sheppard AFB. The video was premiered at their ceremony. Production included ground filming of the airplanes taking off and landing; along with collecting stock footage and go-pro footage from the pilots. Filming and collecting video took 4 hours and editing took approximately 7 hours.



Silent Soldiers

Based off of her blog, The Military Brat Blog,  Beth Adams created a short 12-minute documentary explaining the unique lifestyle of children who grow up in military households.  From frequent moves, forming a sense of identity, and coping with deployments; it is a lifestyle unlike many others. The documentary will be released September 12, 2017.