Video & Editing

Promotional Videos

Stock Video

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Recording & Editing

Single Videographer per hour: cost varies by project

  • Canon HF G40 Camera- records 1080p and full HD
  • Canon DM-1oo Boom Microphone+ Tripod

Editing per hour: cost varies by project

  • Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Creative Suite

*Travel over 25 miles is not included

*Rates are variable depending on equipment needed and special editing requests (i.e. graphics, green screen, special effects)

Promotional Video Rates

Video Advertising/ Social Media Consulting: $15/hr

*Above rates apply for video and editing

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Stock Video Rates

Varies by video. Check back for listing of videos or call/email to make a request.

Next Steps...

Contact UpRooted with your request and contact information. Make sure to include as many details as possible (ie. timeline, location, purpose, budget, etc.)